Carlisle Flying Club - The Best Flying Club in Central Pennsylvania

Membership Information

The Club maintains membership by filling vacancies as they arise. A waiting list is maintained and pilots in good standing are invited to apply for membership. If there are no openings when you apply, you will be put on the waiting list. As openings arise, applications are considered in the order that they were received.

Membership and operational costs, initial and ongoing, have been structured with the goal of making the overall club experience affordable and cost effective considering the type of aircraft owned by the club.

Prospective members should carefully read the CLUB FLIGHT RULES and BYLAWS, and the MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS, RATES and FEES documents. There is no application fee. If you would like to apply for membership please print and complete the APPLICATION FORM and mail/email it along with copies your Pilot Certificate, Medical, and logbook entry of your latest flight review. The club aircraft checkout may count as a flight review if that need is made known in advance. Send or email information to:

PO BOX 275
CARLISLE PA 17013-0275

If you have any questions about the Carlisle Flying Club, please contact:
John Shaffer, (717-830-8773) or

- Monthly Dues cover Fixed Costs: hanger fee, insurance (aircraft and pilot), etc.
- Hourly rates cover operational expenses
- Member Capital Balance will fluctuate as club assets appreciate and/or depreciate. Appreciation/depreciation will be calculated annually. Refunds will be issued upon termination of membership when funds become available, as recommended by the Club Treasurer and confirmed by vote of the Club membership.

Club Members

Carlisle Flying Club Members (Left to Right): Dick Troy (Safety Officer), Dan Cassidy, John Kauffman (Maintenance Officer), Ron Young, kneeling Matt Zeigler (Secretary), Dan Lightner, Chuck Wood (Treasurer), Randy Crawford, John Schrock, John Shaffer (President). Missing from photo: Jason Devine, Bob Kocher, Dave Lash, Carol Loeffler, Brian McDonough, David Miller, Mark Staszko, Trent Tyson, and Todd Witalec (Vice President).